ShareO is a Outlook add-ons product from, ShareO enables you to share and synchronize Microsoft Outlook Personal Folders with other ShareO/Outlook. The sharing of the folders is done via email message and attachment that is sent to the user, and then automatically imported by his/her local installation of ShareO. This software is suitable for sharing email folders, even if the users are not connected to a local network. You can create shared workspaces including Inbox, Sent Items, calendars, contacts, journal, e-mail, tasks, notes, and share any other folder. You can assign shared users on a per-folder level, and easily add new users from your contacts.

* Share any Microsoft Outlook Folders without a server. Share Outlook Calendar, E-mails, Contacts, Tasks, Notes, and Journal Folders.

* Inbox and Sent Items folders sharing.

* Share any Documents. Just drag and drop, copy and paste documents from any windows folder to any Email type Microsoft Outlook folder.

* Share Files in Any Windows Folder. ShareO automatically sends updated files each time they are modified on your hard drive.

* Share Microsoft Outlook Folders with your own custom forms and imported items.

* Share different Microsoft Outlook Folders* with different groups of people.

* True sharing of Mail Folders. Shared folders with Email messages are visible to others the same way they are in your Outlook.

* Sharing private appointments as blanks. This option will allow you to share private appointments without disclosing the appointment subject and other private details, only showing the scheduled time. The other users will be able to see your shared private appointments as blanks. Click here to see what a blank appointment looks like.

* Automatic division by data size of data messages sent via e-mail. You can now avoid ISPs' (Internet service providers') and Email accounts' limitations on sending large amounts of shared data and updates. The software will automatically divide the shared data into 5Mb units (by default), compress, and send them. It is especially useful for smooth sharing/synchronization of e-mails with large attachments, documents, and first-time sharing of large Inbox, Contacts and Calendars folders to avoid the loss of shared data due to ISPs' limitations. (Click here to learn how to change the maximum size of data e-mails.)

* Labels (colors) sharing in appointments sharing. (ShareO & ShareCalendar only)

* Using the option "r;Send updates from this computer only" you can "r;subscribe" your clients to your folders' data.

* Share attachments in any Outlook item.

* Notification About Updates. Now when updates are received, you will be notified about them. Notification icon in the Windows system tray will allow you to review the list of recently updated folders and quickly open this folder in Outlook.

* "Unread Only" filter button in Outlook 2003.

* Easy to use and manage with no requirement of special skills: if you know how to work with MS Outlook, you will be able to work with the software using the skills that you have already developed. Include a new sharer by simply adding his/her name in the software Share Wizard.

* Synchronize/update the shared data with your group members: just click "Send and Receive" in Microsoft Outlook, and your new entries in the shared folder will be sent over to their computers and automatically update their data

* new! Ability to Temporarily Cancel Sharing of a Folder or Deactivate Folder Sharing. The capability to temporarily disable sharing of a folder is now implemented for advanced administrative purposes, allowing you to additionally control what data will be sent or received during a period of time. Before going on vacation, you can temporarily disable your folder sharing (stop receiving updates from other sharers) without any trouble for other sharers. After returning, you can easily enable sharing again and start receiving updates from the other users.

* new! Ability to Disable Sharing Completely. For advanced administrative purposes, the sharing process can now be totally disabled on all team members' computers from one computer only.
* Ability to Add sharers From Distribution Lists. You can now share your folder with all contacts of a distribution list.
* Work offline or online. You can change data in the Outlook shared folder offline. As soon as the Internet or your company's network connection is established, you will be able to update your shared folder's data with all teammates automatically by clicking "Send and Receive". Updates are also automatically sent when Outlook performs "r;Send/Receive" for all accounts as scheduled (by default every 5 minutes when you are online). Whether you work over the intranet, dial-up Internet or over a dedicated line, you can use this product as an ideal instrument for remote companies and groups.

* No server: all data is sent back and forth with the help of special Email messages automatically converted into Outlook items
* "Share&ldots;" option from right-click menu of Outlook folders.
* Ability to quickly exclude/include/lock (mark as "private") any Email message from the sharing list.
* Management panel allows you to manage your sharing information, define user rights and adjust different settings for each folder

* You can use standard Microsoft Outlook encryption methods to secure information that is being sent.

* You can synchronize shared Outlook items with your PDA or Palm device.

* You can use ShareO / ShareCalendar / ShareContacts to synchronize Outlook data between your desktop PC and laptop.

* Sharing filters. The filters will automatically apply to the shared folders. Their settings depend on the folder type, and can be adjusted at any time. The filters can save your traffic and time while synchronizing your folders.

* new! Add sharers from Distribution Lists. You can share your folder with all contacts of selected distribution lists.

* Duplicate Management.

* Ignore or Remove Reminders From Any Folder. You can now disable reminders that you don't need in the shared folders. Also, by using the "Ignore Reminders" checkbox in the "Management Panel" you can disable reminders that arrive to your folder from other users. It is handy for Outlook 2007, where reminders are supported in all folders, not only the default ones.

* updated! Sharing Invitation Form. When you receive a new invitation to share a folder, different destination folder options are available to choose from with detailed explanations of each option.

* Resending items with special filter. Filters can be applied when you resend items to selected user. Filter items by date, category, or by sender/receiver (emails)

* No Outlook rules for e-mails with updates. There is no need to adjust Outlook rules with exceptions to accept e-mails with updates - they are now ignored automatically.

* Ability to customize attachment file extension in e-mails with updates. In order to avoid problems with anti-virus and anti-spam software, attachment file extension can now be changed to any other so that e-mails with updates won't be filtered. The license of this email software is Free Trial Software, the price is $34.95, you can free download and get a free trial before you buy. If you want to get a full or nolimited version of ShareO, you can buy this email software.

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