IM Youdeo

IM Youdeo is a File Sharing product from, IM Youdeo is a video sharing solution for family PC users, you can easily show favorite videos to your friends using family broadband connection with an automatically generated themeable video sharing web site by IM Youdeo!
What Can I Get from IM Youdeo
-a video player based DirectX 9.0c or later (k-lite codec pack required).
-a FLV converter, you can convert videos to HD FLV formats for playing.
-a video album creator, very easy-to-use.
-a web server can stream FLV video.
-a web FLV player works for IE/Firefox/Safari/Opera.
-an automatically generated themeable video sharing web site (php based, programmable).

IM Youdeo Is for Those Who Want To
-share videos with friends.
-share videos in family, use a PC with IM Youdeo installed as server, the others can watch videos in the server with only IE/Firefox/Safari/Opera browser.
-train employee with videos in Intranet.
-for personal privacy, use IM Youdeo server videos instead of uploading them to public.
-build a video album.
-use video tutorials for education.
-more? you name it. The license of this internet software is Free Trial Software.


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