XWiki is a wiki software package which allows users to collaborate with others. It offers all the features that you can find in a typical wiki.
It is an Enterprise wiki, with many features needed for professional usage such as Wiki, Comments, Blogs, User Rights, LDAP Authentication and PDF export.
The software is also a second generation wiki, permitting the creation of applications (including structured data-based intranet applications and scripting) within the Wiki interface. The languages that can be used are Velocity and Groovy.
It is written in Java and uses an underlying relational database management system ( MySQL or HSQLDB amongst others).
It has powerful extensibility features, using scripting, plugins and a highly module architecture. The scripting engines allows access to a very robust API.
The Wiki syntax is rendered using the Radeox markup rendering engine, which is also written in Java and is part of the tool SnipSnap.
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