Blubox Digital Photo Software (Compressor/Decompressor digital photo)

BLUBOX is a Digital Photo Software product from, Blubox is a strong and easy to use program product that lets you quickly compress and de-compress your digital photos, making it easier and safer to share them over the Internet.Blubox is a file compression and encryption program designed to help users safely compress graphic files.
Simply drag and drop your photos into Blubox and they will be compressed and ready to share in seconds - a fraction of their original size and completely secure in an encrypted Blubox archive.
Blubox uses the very latest image compression techniques to reduce photos and image files by upto 95% without sacrificing picture quality...even with pre compressed formats like JPEG!

Blubox allows you to email or upload your

full resolution photos much more quickly or send more pictures in the same time.
Blubox encrypts and protects your pictures... so only YOU decide who can open and view them.
Protect, compress and share your digital photos with friends and family. Blubox allows you to email HiRes digital photos at a fraction of their original size. You can view and print high quality photos direct from Blubox. Using Blubox you can now share ALL of your digital photo albums. Blubox supports over 480 digital file formats. The 256-bit encryption guarantees that your photos remain secure and protected at all times.
In order to evaluate it, you need to carefully read the registration release notes, as you need to complete a few steps before getting a key to unlock the software for the trial period.
The first thing, after registration, is to create a new Blubox file with a name of your choice. Then, you can add files to your archive. The process of adding file is a little bit slow, as the software reads and encodes each file while loading.
I tested the software by adding JPEG images and BMP images to Blubox files. In the first case, it took 5 minutes to add 197 JPEG files to a .blu file. The JPEG file were converted to BPM format. As for the BMP files, 197 files were added to a .blu archive in 18 minutes. While the addition of JPEGS was quite fast, during the addition of BMPs, the software froze a few times.
After the files have been loaded up, you can preview them with some options (image flip, reverse, rotate, colors inversion, zoom in, zoom out) and you can print the out with high quality settings. The software also shows the general file properties, data elements, EXIF data and IPTC/file comments.

You can choose the compression type and level; image preprocessing: you can force the bit depth and scale the images; you can choose to save JPEG images with a custom lossless compression level. One more thing: if you set the software to show real file icons, the operating speed of the software will be reduced dramatically, so it is recommendable to check this option only if you have a strong machine.
Pluses: A very good compression rate: 197 BMP files in amount of 1,01 Gb resulted in a .blu archive of 24,9 Mb; 197 JPEG files in amount of 162 Mb resulted in a .blu archive of 25 Mb. The output files can be password protected, with passwords encrypted with the Blowfish algorithm.
Drawbacks / flaws: The software crashed once when trying to password protect a newly created .blu archive. During the addition of large images (BMP - 5Mb), the software stopped responding randomly for short, but indeterminate periods of time. The file transfer process cannot be stopped manually unless you forcefully shut the software down using the Windows Task Manager. The mail sending tool is not operational. I had setup on my system both Outlook Express and Opera 9 email clients, but, when clicking on the Send button, all I got was a message: Mail Error 48389.
In conclusion: Image files can now be more easily transported or shared with friends, thanks to this program.
Share and protect your digital photographs with Blubox, the award winning image compression utility for Windows. Blubox uses state of the art image compression techniques to reduce your photos by up to 95% without altering the pixel count or sacrificing visual quality. e-mail upload and download times can be drastically reduced and up to 10x more, full resolution pictures, can be stored on your hard drive and memory card.


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