Xenofex | More Phenomenal Effects For Image Editor

Xenofex delivers 14 more phenomenal effects for Adobe Photoshop,Jasc Paint Shop Pro, Macromedia Fireworks and other image editors. The new collection of 14 effects simulates natural phenomena like storms, stains, cracks and burnt edges. What's more, Xenofex 2 also includes distortions like Television and Crumple, and 3D effects like Flag, Shatter and Rip Open. You can also use Xenofex 2 to transform images into jigsaw puzzles, constellations and mosaics. Constellation and Mosaic both feature advanced edge detection and the ability to properly match colors. Plus, presets put hundreds of quick and easy effects at interface that they introduced with Eye Candy 4000. You can tweak effects in a preview window that includes layers and command menus along with keyboard shortcuts, and you can switch between filters and use unlimited undos.

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