Autorun Eater

Autorun Eater is a tool I made to easily and automatically scan and remove suspicious 'autorun.inf' files found in the root directory of drives C-Z. Yes, even before you access the drive!

*except CD/DVD drives and other read-only media
*drives A: & B: must be scanned manually

Autorun Eater can:
Detect and remove suspicious 'autorun.inf' files in real-time
'Refresh' your drive to its original state
Prevent accidental execution of malicious files by 'autorun.inf' files
Help you fix 3 common registry changes made by malicious files
Save you hours of headache...

Autorun Eater does/is not:
Help you remove malicious file(s)
Guarantee a guaranteed way to prevent malware infections
An anti-virus application


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