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FlashOffliner is a system tray program that lists and runs games made with Adobe Flash (.swf). With FlashOffliner, you can easily play Flash games without internet connection. By using built-in FlashOffliner package installer, you can add new games to FlashOffliner with single-click.

To add a game to FlashOffliner, you can easily search, download and use FlashOffliner Packages. FlashOffliner packages (.fop) are compressed files that contains the game file (.swf) and a configuration file that contains extended game info such as game's full name, type and packer info. To create your own FlashOffliner Packages, you can use "FlashOffliner Package Creator (FOPC)" program. It's included in FlashOffliner.

FlashOffliner Packages contains packer name, URL or e-mail address. with FlashOffliner Package Creator, you can easily create your own FlashOffliner packages to save and share them.


- Easily run Flash games without internet connection.
- Uses FlashOffliner Packages (.fop.exe) to easily install a new game.
- Lets you play your favorite flash games without opening a web site and without fighting advertisements.
- You can install more than one FlashOffliner Package with advanced installer.
- It's always within reach, in system tray.
- Control+R (CTRL+R) hotkey to reset game.
- Lets you create and share your own FlashOffliner Packages with Package Creator.
- Start with windows ability
- Work on Windows 2000/XP/Vista
- Freeware

Download FlashOffliner_v1.0.zip

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