Quick View Plus makes universal information access a reality

By providing instant access to information created in over 225 Windows, Macintosh, Internet and DOS formats, Quick View Plus enables employees to access information from virtually any source - email attachments, the Web, legacy document stores and more. As native applications are not needed to open files, Quick View Plus reduces costs, simplifies deployment and improves security.
Quick View Plus allows users to efficiently work with information by providing a consistent environment for viewing, copying, printing and searching of information. Whether accessing email attachments, documents on the Web, or files stored on a file system, its easy-to-use interface provides users all the tools they need to easily access and control information. Additionally, Quick View Plus integrates seamlessly with all information access points including Windows Explorer, major e-mail and groupware clients and leading Web browsers. This integration provides an easier and more efficient way to work, saving both time and resources.


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