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Hide My Windows is an easy-to-use and smart software for hiding windows and applications in your Windows environment.

Hide My Windows designed for Office use for people under control. We knows that noone can work all days and any man and woman needs in rest. Most people playing games on workplace and it's a main reasons to be fired, no matter is it a Solitaire or action game. Using Hide My Windows you can hide game windows quickly in one key press Another thing it's a private documents (financial for example) that you don't want to show someone behind you. It's usually necessary when employee come or at exhibitions.

You can hide group of windows by part-name filter, for example add filter "Intern" to hide all visible windows of Internet Explorer.

When you need to hide all windows under filter except some you can use "Exceptions List" in options. Just add name or words combination specific to those windows and HMW will never hide them. Very usefull if you have work and fun in browser like Internet Explorer. Add work titles into Exceptions list and "Internet Explorer" or "Firefox" (or another browser you use) into filters list and that's all - fun content will be hidden and work windows will stay on screen.


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