Visual Zip Password Recovery Processor (VZPRP)

This program (Visual Zip Password Recovery Processor, or simply VZPRP) can be used to recover your lost passwords for ZIP archives. At the moment there is no known method to extract the password from the compressed file; so, the only available method is simply a "brute-force" attack. But, undocumented features of ZIP files provide you with a great time reduction while searching, the program possessing a smart heuristic.

It is 90% passwords that fall within an hour with right settings! It is an amazing result. There are a lot of programs like this around there, but all of them have their own "pros" and "cons". The program prevents you from giving "wrong" matches like many other ones do. If it says the password is just the one you need, no doubt it is. VZPRP is sure to display a real speed and uses a unique approach "One password - one cycle". The core of the program is compiled by Microsoft Visual c++ optimizing compiler.

Here is a brief list of VZPRP advantages:
High speed of work
The word list mounting to 160,000 real English words
Ability to operate in the background
Ability to check passwords manually
Heuristic analysis
Interrupting the program at any time and resuming its execution later from the same point
Friendly interface
Customizability You can set the password length (or length range) and the set of characters to be used to generate the passwords
Equally high speed for any amount of files in the archive
Various types of attacks
Used as Screensaver
And so on.

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