XeroBank Browser

XeroBank Browser is a web-browser based on the popular Mozilla Firefox. Does not require installation, can work even through portable devices (USB Flash, for example). The browser provides complete anonymity when surfing the Internet. In launching the program connects to web server and make XeroBank "tunnel" through the encrypted connection to your computer. In several minutes the program changed servers automatically with this IP-address of the user.

To achieve this, the author of this program combines one of the best web browsers, the popular Firefox, with an anonymous Internet communication called Tor, and the result is called XeroBank Browser (and previously called Torpark).

Let us not deceive ourselves, we are not going to find a new breed of browser, but the usual Firefox, but this time with the ability to become invisible, making anonymous web browsing.

To navigate without being monitored by teams from the university libraries and other public places. How? XeroBank Browser is a Firefox portable, meaning that in addition to working in anonymity, you do so from a USB flash drive or other portable storage device.


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