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HandyCafe Client

HandyCafe Client is presented for customer computers. Your members can easily login using their username & password by right clicking on the screen. You can also show Macromedia Flash Animations, Bitmap, GIF or Jpeg images or HTML during IDLE or session time.

HandyCafe Client detects server automaticaly (Server should be running). You are not supposed to make any changes. Dedicated IP address defination is not required for HandyCafe Software.

HandyCafe Client enables you to set advanced restrictions and firewall option using Server. You can ban any web site or connection, you can filter any website which contains filtered keywords.

You can update all clients from server at the same time, you can browse your client computers without network sharing enabled, you can use remote management to manage client desktop.

HandyCafe Server

HandyCafe Server handles communication between HandyCafe Client and Server. HandyCafe Server has been designed for easy understanding. Server gives you a user firnedly GUI (Graphical User Interface). HandyCafe Server uses very low system resources. You can handle unlimited clients from server (according to your computer's and network's performance and license rights). Most of Server and Client settings can be changed from Server options panel. You do not need to setup your Clients one by one. You do not need any technical support to install Server/Client. All Clients contact to server automaticaly. You do not have to do any additional settings (setting static ip, setting ip of server to clients). HandyCafe communication protocol is the fastest protocol that ever seen.

HandyCafe Software uses both TCP and UDP Internet Protocols to communicate with eachother. You can change Server/Client Passwords and Default Ports whenever you like to. With HanyCafe Server you can create unlimited Members and give them different payment and pricing options.

You can also control different services using HandyCafe Server. Timers page gives you ability to control your services other than computers. You can create unlimited timers (PlayStation, PlayStation 2, Back Gammon, Chess and etc.) and define different prices for them.

HandyCafe Software does have firewall option called HandyWall which is designed for your computers security. HandyWall can protect your computers against unwanted guests. You can prevent any connections. You can ban any websites. You can filter any keywords (Content-filtering).

You can create unlimited Operators (Cashiers) and determine their level. By creating operator level you will be able to restrict your operators movements.

HandyCafe supports WakeOnLan (WOL) option of mainboards/ethernet cards. You can turn on all of your computers from Server (one click). To be able to use WOL option your computers should have WOL supported mainboard and ethernet card and they must be communicated with server at least one time. Please check your manifacturator user manual if they have WOL support. Please also check your mainboards user-manual to learn how to enable WOL using BIOS.

You can also: Get Full Control of Computers (Remote Desktop Management), Browse Computers (Without Network Sharing), Add Orders, Get Reports, Track Computer's Status, Create Shortcuts, Get ScreenShots, Get List of Running Applications, Manage User Queue, Manage Cash and etc.

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