BlocSoft WinSched 1.0

WinSched is an application launcher. Its designed for Windows operating systems (2000, 2000 Server, XP, 2003 Server). The application is used to execute: applications/batch files/scripts in situations where the operating system's scheduled launching ability is inadequate.

Some applications fail to operate as expected if they are executed at times when no users are logged into the operating system. For instance nightly automated tasks, which take advantage of decreased network activity.


Unpack the contents of the ZIP archive to a folder of your choice. (if you are missing any files, download the archive from







Run the InstallWinSched.bat batch file.

WinSched installs itself as a WindowsNT service, and can be controlled from the Services Management console (refer to Windows documentation regarding services).

Before you start the WinSched service, you need to configure the application using the INI file in the program directory. Use the following template as an example:





WinSched saves recources on the target machine by purposely only being accurate to a 30min window. Although you still need to have a complete timestamp for your task. The WinSched clock is 24-hour, and uses ONLY the ":" symbol as a separator.

WinSched can launch applications and batch files, which make it powerful for scripted tasks you may have. You can include the path to your target, which can be on a server share if needed.

Using the Services Management console, you can instruct WinSched to "Run As" a specific user (Administrator for instance) if such rights will be needed by the target application/batch file.

If you make changes to the WinSched INI file, you will need to restart the WinSched service for the changes to take effect.

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