CashCrusader scripts

CashCrusader scripts are developed and maintained by MyECom Online, founded in 1999. The author of the CashCrusader scripts has been producing software since 1982. CashCrusader scripts are the most widely supported GPT scripts on the market today; both by web hosts and 3rd party developers alike.

Currently there are 2,150 sites actively running CashCrusader scripts, with7,688,248 members being served.

Presently, the largest site powered by CashCrusader scripts has 395,604 members.

CashCrusader scripts are backed by more experience, more features, more add-ons and supported by more hosts than any other GPT script on the market. These facts alone make CashCrusader the intelligent choice for your business.

Instructions are included with our scripts package if you wish to install the software yourself.


For an extra $20 we can install the CC scripts for you on the server of your choice


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