Mayk File Launcher

Mayk (read it like 'Mike') was designed as fast, small and simple file launcher. Clean your cluttered desktop, forget numerous keyboard shortcuts - Mayk will help you create your own shortcuts, with meaningfull names of your choice, which you can access with just two or three strokes on the keyboard.


To open a file, you have to type two or three letters in Mayk's command box.

Mayk stays on top of all windows for easy access, but it occupies only a small portion of your Desktop.

No wizards for creating shortcuts. Mayk doesn't need it, because there is only one step to make a shortcut, even though there are five different ways for you to create them.

Group shortcuts - when working on project that requires more than one files opened, you can make a single shortcut that will open all the files needed for that project.

Mayk can serve as replacement for Windows Run dialog.

Memo pad is part of Mayk that will help you remember your appointments. Introduce them and forget them.

Monitor your computers CPU load and RAM usage.

See any window for what they really are: its size, handle and application that owns it. Make a shortcut of that application.

Find files with extremely fast Search utility.

So start right away!

Is your Desktop cluttered? Can you even guess number of entries in your Start menu? Then try Mayk out immediately: drag any Desktop shortcut or item from Start menu and drop them on Mayk's command box and enjoy in easy access to your applications and documents.

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