Super Mp3 Editor

Super Mp3 Editor is a professional digital sound editor. It enables you to record and modify any audio files as you wish, which means you can record and play sounds, import and export audio files, drag-and-drop, trim, copy, paste, split and merge audio files. Super Mp3 Editor also provides you over 20 cool real-time effects to apply to each file. Its unique features include unlimited Undo/Redo, Waveform and Spectral View options, and audio effects filters etc. It supports for most popular audio formats like .wav, .mp3, .wma, .vqf, .ogg. With Super Mp3 Editor you have a complete digital audio studio at your fingertips.


* Play, record, edit, convert, mix, split and analyze audio files

* Unlimited Undo/Redo

* Simple Drag & Drop

* Real-time Pre-Listen for all effects

* Load and edit-capability for large files (can use virtual memory)

* Waveform and Spectral View options

* A variety of real-time effects - including Echo, Reverb, Fade in/out, Normalize, Invert, Tremolo, Chorus, Vibrato, Noise Reduction, FFT filters and more...

* Digitally restore old recordings with noise reduction

* Record audio from cassettes, vinyl records, radio, etc

* Convert files to/from different formats, such as .wav, .mp3, .wma, .vqf, .ogg files

* Bookmark support for selection

* Friendly, intuitive interface

* It also includes a schedule function for automatically recording scheduled events

And more...

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