virtualPhotographer easily create a variety of photographic styles on Photoshop

virtualPhotographer is a Photoshop compatible plug-in that allows you to easily create a variety of photographic styles.
virtualPhotographer features many presets, all of which can be fine tuned to fit your requirements. Effects such as Film Grain, Soft Focus, B/W, B/W tinting, High Contrast etc. are all just a click away.

1. Double-click the downloaded program labeled "virtualPhotographer.exe" to extract the program folder
2. Click the "OK" button to save the extracted folder to the Desktop
3. Drag the newly extracted entire folder labeled "optikVerveLabs" into your Photo-editor's Plugins folder (when your Photo software is not running)

E.g. For PhotoShop the Plugin folder is at:
Program Files -> Adobe -> PhotoShop -> Plug-Ins

1. Load an image into your Photo-editing software
2. Select optikVerve Labs -> virtualPhotographer from the "Filter" menu
3. Click different "Presets" to see the effect
4. Click the "Process" button to apply the effect to your original image


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