HTML Splitter

HTML Splitter is a free utility that helps you put large documents on the Internet (or into HTML format). This is done by splitting each document into smaller HTML documents, and by linking these documents together.
A lot of documents are asking to be published on the Internet.
But when large documents are directly converted to the HTML format, the resulting pages are not easy to read. Reading them goes with a lot of scrolling.
Therefore, it would be better to split them up.
You can do this by hand, but wouldn't it be nice to let your computer do it for you?
This is now possible, using the HTML Splitter program.
Each file will contain links to the previous file and to the next file.
It is also possible to add a "You are here" link on top of each page.
At the same time, an index file is created, named myfile000.htm, with links to all the other files.
HTML Splitter divides the document starting from header styles H1, H2 and H3.
Download HTML Splitter

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