RBE - Radeon BIOS editor

RBE is a handy tool to modify several interesting parameters in ATI BIOS files. It focuses on fan and clock settings as these are the most important things to most users. BIOS modification is an alternative to using memory resident tweaking utilities such as RivaTuner, ATI Tray Tools or ATITool.
But RBE can do more than that: It will balance the BIOS file's checksum, lets you modify the Overdrive settings, enables superior PowerPlay functionality for some video cards, contains a CCC profile editor for hidden features of the CCC and much more.

Main Features

Can display and change a lot of information strings inside the BIOS file, including Device ID and vendor ID.
Accesses every PowerPlay state and can change GPU clocks, RAM clocks and voltage for each of them seperately.
Displays the PowerPlay structure of the BIOS.
Also displays the voltages the card can make use of.
Can graphically display and modify four different fan controllers in a very comfortable way and automatically figures out which controller is used for a particular BIOS.
RBE modifies the Overdrive signature of a BIOS to enable a higher overclocking limit. Signatures can also be extracted and saved to a file.
Will make the annoying spin up bug some cards have vanish.
Enables superior PowerPlay.
Contains a profile editor for accessing hidden CCC panel features.
Acquires and flashes BIOSes all from within RBE using the built-in WinFlash interface.

supported video cards are:
2400 LE
2400 PRO
2400 PRO AGP
2400 XT
2600 LE
2600 Pro
2600 Pro AGP
2600 XT
2600 XT AGP
2900 GT
2900 PRO
2900 XT
3200 series
3300 series
3470 mobile
3600 series
3870 X2
4850 X2
4870 X2
4870 X2
HD 5450
HD 5570
HD 5670
HD 5750
HD 5770
HD 5850
HD 5870
HD 5970
FireGL V3600
FireGL V3750
FireGL V5600
FireGL V5700
FireGL V7600
FireGL V7700
FireGL V7760
FireGL V7770
FireGL V8600
FireGL V8650
FireGL V8700 Duo
FireGL V8750

Download RBE - Radeon BIOS editor

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