ClocX | Analog Clock Application

ClocX is free analog clock for your Windows desktop. It is programmed in C++ language, which ensures small executable binary, optimal speed and low memory usage.

You can place any bitmap or PNG file in Presets subfolder and set it in ClocX's
options as background. Additional backgrounds can be downloaded from Download
section of ClocX homepage.
When using BMP image, ClocX window is cutted by predefined color (default RED (RGB 255,0,0)).
You can define many preset properties like cutting color and properties of hand
in .INI file named as your background (INI extension instead of BMP/PNG). Simply
copy default.ini to yourbitmap.ini (when you have yourbitmap.bmp or yourbitmap.png)
and edit it.

Performance tips:
Run ClocX with -benchmark or -bench2 parameters to test your max frame rate.
ClocX's CPU usage can be minimized by these steps:
-Disable showing AM/PM and Date indicators
-Do not use backgrounds with PNG hands (like mx-clocx.png)
-Use antialiasing method 1 or disable antialiasing
-Smaller backgrounds are faster than bigger
-Win2k/XP: use 32-bit color depth (PNGs are drawn faster)
-Win2k/XP: PNGs are drawn slower than BMPs due to use of per-pixel alphablending

-antialiasing (3 levels: off / method 1 / method 2)
-256 levels of transparency with special mouse-over transparency function
-changable and configurable styles (24 PNGs and 7 BMPs in standard installation, additional 98 PNGs and 69 BMPs available in full instalation or in PNG/BMP packs)
-per-pixel alphablending for PNG backgrounds
-advanced window options (unmovable, always on top, pin to desktop, click through, ...)
-priority settings
-configurable alarms with ability to show alarm window, play sound, execute application and shutdown computer
-simple calendar
-automatic start with Windows (for all users) or with user login (only for your user)
-language support (Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish and more)
-absolutely free software - it contains no ads, no spyware, no adware and no toolbars

Download ClocX 1.5 beta 2 Standard 
Download ClocX 1.5 beta 2 Full
Download ClocX 1.5 beta 2 Standard x64 Edition

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