DIR2HTML 1.1.0 | Convert a local directory to an HTML index with hyperlinks

DIR2HTML creates an HTML index from a file system directory. This is useful for building file lists, cataloging contents of CD-ROMS, etc. The program can index either a single directory or multiple directories at once recursively.


  • Distributed with Nullsoft installer

  • Added support for .URL files (can now extract links from them)

  • Added progress window during recursive indexing

  • Added option to include a blank column for custom use

  • Added option to create links only to directories

  • Added sorting capabilities

  • Made changes to user interface, new options

  • You can now create recursive indexes in alternate paths

  • Bugfix: cleaned up directory recursion code

  • Bugfix: rare filename parsing bug

  • No longer resets options and directory; easier batch processing

  • Many other improvements under the hood

Download DIR2HTML 1.1.0 []

Download DIR2HTML 1.1.0 []

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