Lightscreen Portable

Lightscreen Portable is a simple and easy-to-use program to save images of your screen. Includes customizable hotkeys and ability to capture a single window, a user specified region, or the full screen. Can then save with an optional delay to a variable quality JPG, PNG (high compression), BMP, or to the system clipboard to paste into a graphics application of your choice.


-Can execute at Windows startup (hidden or displaying the main window).
-System tray icon for easy access.
-Five configurable actions, each with it's own hotkey (screen, window, area, etc).
-Multiple image formats (PNG, JPEG, etc) and image quality selector.
-A notification when the screenshot is taken.
-Screenshot delay
-Snap screenshots of the current desktop (or sections)
-Custom path support (ability to save screenshots anywhere on your device)
-OptiPNG has been added

Download Lightscreen Portable

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