DaDaBIK | Highly Customizable Front-end for A Database

DaDaBIK is a free PHP application that allows you to easily create a highly customizable front-end for a database in order to search, insert, update and delete records; all you need to do is specifying a few configuration parameters.

Starting from version 4.0 alpha DaDaBIK uses the ADOdb Database Abstraction Library in order to support as many DBMS as possible, at the moment it has been tested on MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle and MS SQL Server.

The strength of DaDaBIK lies in its ability to be customized. For each field of a table you can choose:

  • if the field should be included or not in the search/insert/update form and results table

  • its label (what will appear in the form near the input field)

  • its content format (e.g. numeric, alphabetic, e-mail, url......)

  • the input type (e.g. select, date, text, rich text editor, password......)

  • the possible values, also driven from another table (foreign key support)

  • and more...

DaDaBIK also allows you to handle multiple tables. Other features include file uploading, master/details view, export to CSV, checking for possible duplication during an insert, authentication and authorization restrictions on view/update/delete, e-mail notices, table aliases.

The graphic layout of DaDaBIK is customizable to help you to embed its forms in your own site.

DaDaBIK differs from other applications like PHPMyAdmin since it doesn't enable the complete administration of a database, but rather to easily create a simple and customizable Web application that manages a group of tables by allowing search/insert/update/delete operations. DaDaBIK's target user is not the DB administrator but rather the final user.
DaDaBIK is available in Italian, English, Dutch, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Croatian, Polish, Catalan, Estonian, Rumanian, Hungarian, Swedish, Slovak and Finnish.

Download DaDaBIK

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