eGet | Powerful Picture And Media File Downloader

Image downloader eGet is a powerful picture and media file downloader,It can help you to download thousands of pictures and any other files quickly and easily.

eGet can be used as picture grabber, video downloader, etc.
You can simply capture the URL of a webpage by using the mouse,
And eGet will automatically analyze it and downloads all images to the hard drive.


1) Fast
After testing, moderately configured computer can download more than 30 thousands pictures in a hour.

2) Strong files classifying function
After downloaded, the files can be auto-saved to subdirectory accrding to needs.

The classifying method eGet supports:
a. Group the files to folders according to the labels on websites
b. Self-define specified folders to any webpage level
c. Classifying by the corresponding folder of the website
d. Save all files to the same folder

3) Support specified data and website URL filtering; support multi-tasks system.

4) Universal
Analyze and download pictures by eGet from any website such as google picasa or any other websites.

5) Support any file types
eGet supports other kinds of file types such as MP3, video files, webpage, etc as well as downloading pictures.

6) Support batch analysis
eGet is used for downloading required files faster and support generate batch analysis URLs.

7) Depth analysis
eGet can fast analyze the target website or webpage and support any webpage depth.

8) Neat
eGet will release occupied system memory real-time which ensure batch downloading but not affecting other uses

9) Neatly and fast downloading tool
eGet supports self-definition downloading. If it does not need analyzing, you can add specified downloading task lists as a lot directly.

10) Support batch replace website URLs

11) Support skin and multi-languages

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