Process Hacker | Manipulating Processes And Services on Your Computer

Process Hacker is a feature-packed tool for manipulating processes and services on your computer. Includes a simple, customized tree view, detailed performance graphs, list of network connections, comprehensive process list (including hidden), full control over processes, rootkit termination, and DLL controls.

-A simple, customizable tree view with highlighting showing you the processes running on your computer.
-Detailed system statistics with graphs.
-Advanced features not found in other programs, such as detaching from debuggers, viewing GDI handles, viewing heaps, injecting and unloading DLLs, and more.
-Powerful process termination that bypasses security software and rootkits.
-View, edit and control services, including those not shown by the Services console.
-View and close network connections.
-Starts up almost instantly, unlike other programs.

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