MyPhoneExplorer | work with phones Sony Ericsson

MyPhoneExplorer - a free program to work with phones Sony Ericsson.
Features: Editing address book, organizer editing, archiving, export, import and sending SMS, convenient file browser, as the phone, and at the memorial statistics, synchronization of time on the phone by atomic clocks, a vivid display of how many are employed at the memory of different things, backup and restoration.

It features is small size and are unique:

-- Timing (including with Outlook!) And editing the phone book, calendar, tasks, notes,
-- On the calendar is the possibility of adding birthdays
-- Show the call list
-- Changing the configuration of the alarm
-- Archiving SMS
-- File manager phone
-- Editing profiles
-- Inclusion minute signal
-- Timing hours phone with atomic standards via the Internet
-- A menu item for download java applications (important for beginners!)
-- Information on password protection
-- Emulation phone


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